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Conveen Drainage Bag

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UGC COL 5063
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Coveen’s Leg Bags are made from heavy duty vinyl for extended wear, odor containment and leak resistance. Each leg bag contains an anti-reflux valve. These leg bags come available with the FLIP-FLO™ drainage valve which opens and closes with a simple flip and fabric leg straps. Reusable, sterile.

  • 1500mL capacity
  • Hanger holes and slits for leg bag straps
  • Soft backing for increased wearing comfort
Additional Details Everything you need to know about this product.

Coveen’s urinary drainage bag with metal clamp is designed to provide reflux protection without mechanical parts to hinder flow. Urinary Drainage Bag contains a needleless sample port accessible with either a blunt cannula or luer lock syringe.

Benefits of Coveen’s Urinary Drain Bag

  • Minimizes backflow
  • Increases patient safety
  • Includes reinforced hanger with built-in anti-kink drain tube guide and adjustable bed sheet clam

Coveen’s Urinary Bag Features

  • Clear one way mylar valve for visualization of urine flow
  • Anti-reflux valve flap system minimizes the backflow of urine into the drainage tube
  • Non-wettable air filter helps prevent vacuum action and facilitate drainage
  • Comes with metal clamp or slide-tap drainage port for easy one-handed drainage
  • 1500mL capacity for use with continuous bladder irrigation
Specifications Technical information about the product here.

How to use Coveen’s Drainage Bag?

    1. Wash hands with soap and water
    2. Thereafter remove the protective cap from the Medline Drainage Bag and check the drainage spout to make sure it is closed
    3. Using an alcohol-saturated pad or material, clean the connector end of the tubing and the catheter end. Attach the catheter to the drain bag tubing connector
    4. Discard any packaging, alcohol pads, etc.
    5. Wash hands again with soap and water

How to empty the Urinary Drainage Bag?

Empty your bag frequently, not allowing it to become more than approximately half full. Remember, as it fills up, it gets heavier and may tug on the catheter or become difficult to manage.

      1. Wash hands with soap and water
      2. Keep the Drainage Bag below your bladder as you empty it
      3. Hold the bag over the toilet or container. Open the drainage spout and empty the urine from the bag
      4. Do not let the bag touch the rim of the toilet or container. With an alcohol-saturated pad or material, clean the drainage spout and close it tightly.
      5. Wash your hands with soap and water

    How to clean Coveen’s Drain Bag?

    Mix Cleaning Solution: Either 2 parts white vinegar and 3 parts water or 1 tablespoon chlorine bleach and 1/2 cup water.

          1. Empty the bag of urine, and then close the drainage spout
          2. Place tubing under the faucet, putting warm water into the bag
          3. Swish it around for 10 seconds, and then empty it through the drainage spout. Close the spout
          4. Pour cleaning solution into the bag. Put the protective cap on the connector
          5. Swish solution around for 30 seconds, and then let it sit in the bag for 20 minutes. Empty through the drainage spout.
          6. Keep spout open and pointed down. Hang the bag to dry until switching bags again
          7. Remember to close the spout when attaching it to the catheter

    Note: The drainage bag, when switched daily, should last for approximately one month. Discard and replace bags earlier if they become discolored, brittle or if they smell even after cleaning.

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