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Niagara Ventures Gives a Chance at Success

Niagara Ventures Gives a Chance at Success

Back in early 2019, President Eric Mukendi was in the process of launching a business idea that empowered differently abled Canadians with an easy, affordable and reliable way to secure medical grade products to support their daily living needs.

Today, has evolved into a successful Canadian online provider of the Essentials that any business needs to operate effectively. In essence, is like having your own, onsite business essentials warehouse; is there with what you need, when you need it and at a price you can afford.

But we wouldn’t have gotten there without the help and support of the team at Venture Niagara and Community Futures. 

As many entrepreneurs understand, getting a business off the ground isn’t always easy. Particularly when your idea requires capital to secure the products you’re wanting to sell. Luckily, the assistance and encouragement that Eric needed to launch his dream was available right here in the Niagara Region.

The team at Venture Niagara and Community Futures supports businesses and community economic development initiatives in the Niagara Region. They invest loan and equity capital in existing, emerging, innovative and start-up enterprises to support entrepreneurs starting a new business or with business expansions. Their primary objective is to invest in good businesses that create and maintain sustainable employment in the community.

Eric notes “Niagara Ventures believed in us early on and if you’re starting a business in the region, they are super helpful at giving you a chance”.

In addition to financial support, they also draw on their collective experience and knowledge of in-house and on-line resources to provide information to local businesses. They’ll provide guidance in the preparation of a detailed business plan, critique an existing document or work with a potential client on a loan application to help secure financing and even provide access to the essential business tools needed to organize your thoughts, assets and plans. They’ll help you know where you are going and it will help others such as your lender to better understand your business goals.

Venture Niagara also acts as a catalyst for community-based economic development and are currently spearheading the Niagara Tourism Network, The Niagara Cycling Tourism Centre, Art in the Open & extends a heartfelt THANK YOU to Niagara Ventures and Community Futures; without your support, we wouldn’t be able to support those businesses that support those in need in our community today.

Click to learn more about how Niagara Ventures can help you with your business.

To learn more about the Origin story click here.

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