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9 Tips for Physical Wellness during our New Normal

9 Tips for Physical Wellness during our New Normal

As Canada reopens we are all looking forward to opening our worlds back up again. It can be a really exciting time of transformation as we step into this new normal. During the pandemic there have been many areas of our lives that have been affected. One key area is our physical health. With limitations in place and everyone isolating, physical health has sometimes taken a backseat. But as things start opening up it's a great time to get moving again and focus on our physical wellbeing. Here are some tips to help you nurture your physical health as we enter this new normal:

1. Body & mind connection

Mental and physical health are fundamentally linked. According to a study by McMaster University, “respondents whose physical activity declined the most during the pandemic also experienced the worst mental health outcomes.” Isolating during the pandemic can be a stress on our mental wellbeing, so get out and get moving, not only to improve your physical health but your mental health as well! For more information about mental and physical health during Covid-19 you can read McMaster University’s study here.

2. Assess risk levels

Different activities have different levels of risk. Take a moment to consider the risk levels and engage in activities that have a risk level you’re comfortable with. The Government of Canada has provided some risk factors to consider:


Low case numbers in community

Always the same people

Small groups 


Short interaction with others 

Infrequent contact

Masks are worn

High case numbers in community

Strangers every time

Large groups


Long interaction with others 

Frequent contact 

Masks are not worn

You can read more about the Government of Canada’s recommendations here.

3. Take precautions

When re-engaging in physical activities you can take precautions to keep yourself and others protected. Keep 6 ft of space where possible and sanitize shared surfaces. For example, if you’re playing basketball with friends, before playing you can clean the basketball with a sanitizing wipe or spray and then sanitize your hands after you’ve finished touching the ball. Avoid touching your eyes and face after touching a shared surface.

4. Fuel your body

Giving your body optimal nutrition can help you excel when re-engaging in physical activities. Eating well can also lower your risk of disease such as cancer, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. You can increase your nutritional intake by choosing a variety of healthy foods and you may consider supplementing with vitamins to help ensure your body is getting what it needs. The Government of Canada has provided guidance about healthy eating. Check it out here

5. Set your own pace

If you aren’t feeling ready to step out of your comfort zone, you can take it slow. Continue the physical activities you’ve been doing during the pandemic and add new activities as you feel ready. Love your online Zumba class? Keep dancing!

If you're just starting to get physical again, ease into activities. You should feel exerted, but build up your stamina and don't try to do too much too quickly or you can risk injury. 

6. Family & friends

While we are all thrilled to get back to the activities we enjoy, we are also excited to see family and friends again. So let's combine them! Get out and get active with the people you love. It’s fun and a great motivator to get more active.

7. Different types of activities

The Public Health Agency of Canada encourages a variety of activities:

Endurance Activities:
  • Walking
  • Golfing (without a ride-on cart)
  • Yard and garden work
  • Propelling a wheelchair (“wheeling”)
  • Cycling
  • Skating
  • Continuous swimming
  • Tennis
  • Dancing
Flexibility Activities:
  • Gardening
  • Mopping the floor
  • Yard work
  • Vacuuming
  • Stretching exercises
  • T’ai Chi
  • Golf
  • Bowling
  • Yoga
  • Curling
  • Dance
Strength Activities:
  • Heavy yard work, such as cutting and piling wood
  • Raking and carrying leaves
  • Lifting and carrying groceries (not to mention infants and toddlers!)
  • Climbing stairs
  • Exercises like abdominal curls and push-ups
  • Wearing a backpack, carrying school books
  • Weight/strength-training routines

You can read more about the Public Health Agency of Canada’s guidance and recommendations in their Canada’s Physical Activity Guide to Healthy Active Living here.

8. Relax

Giving your body and muscles a good workout is important for our wellbeing but so is letting them rest and relax. Taking time to rest can help our bodies and minds recharge for our next adventure. Do some relaxing stretches, have a bath, use products with calming scents that can rejuvenate your skin and help you feel calm. Our lives can become very busy but it's important to make rest a priority too.

9. Be kind to yourself

We have all had struggles during this pandemic journey. Our minds and bodies have been through changes and will continue to do so as we enter this post pandemic world. Trust yourself to handle what comes and be your own biggest cheerleader! has selected a variety of discounted products to help you on your physical health journey as Canada reopens and we enter our new normal. From protein powders and vitamins to help fuel your body, to body lotions with calming scents to help your relax afterwards. Don't forget your sanitizing spray, wipes and masks to keep you safe while you enjoy some fun! 

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