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Staff Spotlight: Living & Breathing the Corporate Values

Staff Spotlight: Living & Breathing the Corporate Values

At we take our Corporate Values of Customer Centricity, Respect, Integrity & Humanity (link to about us) very seriously. In fact, each and every member of the Dream Team was hired, not only because of their deep subject matter expertise, but because of the proactive creativity they add to their respective department. 

When we speak of creativity, we’re not referring to it in an ‘artsy’ manner; instead we relate to creativity as actually CREATING added value for customers; whether it be HTML coding that corrects a challenging online experience, negotiation with our product partners to offer our better pricing or an empathetic conversation that solves a customer problem.

Meet Charush Haryal -’s Client Relations Lead. In addition to having a positive, yet serene demeanor, Charush works tirelessly to ensure customers have an excellent experience with us; from start to finish. 

Our customers often applaud the exceptional level of customer service seen at; this is due, in large part, to Charush recognizing when something isn’t right and then leaving no stone unturned to resolve the issue.

This past week, Charush’s over and above efforts reminded of the impact of customer-centricity and how it can genuinely affect a customer’s life for the better:

“G” who lives in Brampton, has a health condition that requires her to take daily injections. This past week, she realized she was down to her last needle for these injections and scoured the web trying to find a retailer to replenish her supply to ensure she’d be sorted for the following day.

After she found her usual go-to suppliers were sold out, she stumbled across - a company she’d never heard of before, but that had what she needed in stock. Not able to wait for next day delivery,  working until 5pm that day and noting that’s hours of operation are Monday-Friday 9am-5pm, she reached out to the Client Relations team to see if anything could be done. 

Charush, understanding the significance of G’s challenge, graciously worked with her to sort a unique solution; Charush agreed to make the trip to the warehouse outside of working hours, pick up her order and bring it home so that they could meet up once she was able to make it to St. Catharines.

As the Corporate values state, Charush’s focus on customer centricity earned the right to G’s business, by delivering mutually enduring value to her. He Respected the the customers' needs, operating from a place of integrity and prioritized the needs of G, who needed our support, over everything else.

Please join us in applauding Charush and the values he lives and breathes each and every day at! 

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