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Centre D’Accueil Roger-Séguin gives a 10 out of 10!

Centre D’Accueil Roger-Séguin gives a 10 out of 10!

With the goal of sanitization and keeping residents, staff and visitors safe at the Centre D’Accueil Roger-Séguin in Clarence-Creek Ontario, Sonia Godin was having a hard time sourcing Purell sanitizer dispenser refills - and was running out of her current stock quickly.

Based on the supply chain challenges many organizations are facing in light of the ongoing pandemic, Sonia, the Centre's Nursing Clerk & Administrative Agent, implemented an online search to see if there was anywhere that might be able to help her with her organizational needs - and fast!

In finding, not only was Sonia able to see exactly what was available, she was able to determine how quickly they could be delivered to Centre D’Accueil Roger-Séguin .

After a successful order and speedy delivery, she ordered once again from, and again was pleased to be able see exactly what was available, order and receive her supply needs so quickly.

Sonia shared that “C6 definitely played a big role throughout the pandemic because we could not get Purell products anywhere else.  C6 permitted us to buy some every week and have it delivered promptly...there were no mistakes in product (availability) and deliveries were on time. Trust was established”.

With this newfound trust, the Sales team at has since worked with Sonia to expand the solutions we provide to now also include vinyl and nitrile gloves and level 3 masks for Centre D’Accueil Roger-Séguin, and are currently investigating the inclusion of’s line up of incontinence solutions. 

When asked what she would tell someone who was considering buying with, Sonia shared that is an “Honest & Trustworthy Company”. She went on to comment on how exceeded her expectations with “excellent customer service”. 

Trusted by more than 31,385 customers and counting, customers like Sonia know they can expect more when they buy with!

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