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Who Knew You Could Use Rubbing Alcohol for That!?!

Who Knew You Could Use Rubbing Alcohol for That!?!

We've long known that Rubbing Alcohol, which is a mixture of Isopropyl Alcohol and wateris a versatile cleaner and disinfectant that can be used on a wide variety of surfaces to minimize germs. But there are many other uses for this versatile liquid!

Unusual Uses

1. Homemade Ice Pack

Put a mixture of 1 Cup 70% Isopropyl Alcohol with 2 Cups Water into a freezer bag. Put it inside another freezer bag and put it in the freezer for several hours. The liquid won't harden so it can wrap around sore areas, and be a soothing cool pack for minor ailments like sore muscles. 

2. Shoe Deodorizer

Fill a spray bottle with Rubbing Alcohol and spray the insoles of your shoes. Put them out in the sun to dry and your shoes will be refreshed.

3. Cleaning and Sanitizing Electronics

Rubbing Alcohol can kill bacteria on your electronics, such as your cell phone, laptop, and tablet. Simply apply a small amount of Rubbing Alcohol to a paper towel or cloth and then rub the surface of the device. 

4. Cleaning Jewelry

Help your jewelry gets its shine back! With a soft cloth apply Rubbing Alcohol to the surface of the jewelry to help remove grime and bacteria. 

5. Deodorize Your Armpits

When applied to clean skin, Rubbing Alcohol can inhibit body odour. But don't apply too soon after shaving or you may feel some burning.


70% vs 90% Alcohol

It may seem that a higher concentration of isopropyl alcohol would be a better disinfectant but experts say a 70% concentration allows the alcohol to dissolve more slowly and better penetrate the bacteria's cells.


How NOT To Use Rubbing Alcohol

While Rubbing Alcohol has many uses, there are some important safety guidelines to follow.

1. Don’t mix rubbing alcohol with bleach. 

Rubbing alcohol and bleach create toxic fumes when mixed together. 

2. Don’t use rubbing alcohol near flames or high heat.

Rubbing alcohol is highly flammable and should never be used near an open flame or high heat.

3. Don’t use rubbing alcohol in an unventilated area.

It is best to open windows in your home or office when using rubbing alcohol due to potentially harmful fumes.

4. Don’t use rubbing alcohol on certain wounds or skin conditions.

Using large amounts of rubbing alcohol or applying it to large areas can irritate your skin and slow down the healing of wounds.

5. Don’t ingest it.

Never drink rubbing alcohol, as it can be deadly. Even in small amounts rubbing alcohol can be toxic when ingested. Keep it out of reach of children and keep the container clearly marked so the clear liquid isn't mistaken for water.

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