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Welcome Back, Canada!

Welcome Back, Canada!

As Covid-19 regulations are being lifted, Canadians are, once again, putting measures in place to safely reopen many of the stores, restaurants, places of worship and other destinations that have been restricted or even closed to prevent the spread of the CoronaVirus.

We’re Here to Help!

As a company that puts enormous value towards supporting those that support others, has put together a handful of discounted Product Bundles to make the reopening of your business a little bit easier.

We’ve done the research for you. 

Our reopening bundles have been carefully curated within government standards to include the products recommended to safely reopen in key sectors. 

As more Healthcare settings reopen across Canada, we at are here to help you open safely! 

The Healthcare Bundle includes essential products that will help sanitize and keep your patients and staff safe.

Don’t have a business, or your industry isn’t included in our specific bundles?

Not to worry, we’ve got a solution for you too!

Our discounted Business Bundle is filled with a selection of our most popular cleaning and safety products to support your business re-opening or to continue to keep your household healthy.

Kids across Canada are excited for new adventures this summer! curated a Childcare and Camp Bundle to make reopening easy with many of the products you need in one inclusive, discounted bundle.

Canada is Hungry! We’re excited about the reopening of our restaurants and patios!

Take the guesswork out and grab a bundle or two! Save with our Food Services Bundle.

We’ve also added a discounted Purell® Bundle  which includes a hands-free sanitizer dispenser and two refills for use in any industry. 


More Reopening Products

Perhaps you still need additional products to support your reopening? You can shop our individual product pages for the business essentials your organization requires to reopen safely.

With products spanning from personal protective equipment (PPE) to sanitization supplies we can arm your organization with the products that will help you maintain a healthy and safe workplace.

Commercial Supplies

Home Supplies

Medical Supplies



Industry Guidance

All industries and sectors vary in the way they operate. It makes sense then, that the Government has provided industry-specific guidelines to address the nuances of each business. We’ve taken the liberty of curating a number of tools that can help to guide You in a safe reopening:

Is your business not part of one of these sectors?

You can check out the general reopening guidance tools below or contact your local health and safety association for more detailed information pertaining to your industry.

As always, here at we want to support your business with the products you need to run a successful business. If there’s something we don’t carry that you think we should, please leave us a comment below and we’ll see what we can do to help.
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