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This Just In - Heal In Colour Bandages

This Just In - Heal In Colour Bandages

Here at, it's always inspiring for our staff when we source new items to add to our product catalogue. Last week was particularly exciting as we tested out the Canadian-made Heal In Colour line of black and brown bandages; that aim to “create a superior experience for all households, schools and healthcare”. We’re always so pleased when we can support Canadian-made brands and absolutely LOVE the inclusivity solution!

Meet, York University employee and Black Entrepreneur, Tianna McFarlane!
Disappointed with a lack of choice, Ms. McFarlane has created a new startup which sells latex-free adhesive bandages which better match the skin tone of Black and brown-skinned Canadians.

Ms. McFarlane stated “I want Black and brown people to have the opportunity to feel confident in their skin as they heal. And get to have that exact match that doesn’t stand out as much as the lighter, white ones.”


Heal In Colour’s latex-free bandages come in two sizes and three shades (honey, almond and chestnut) to match virtually all brown or black skin tones.
In celebration of this brand new Canadian-made product, is offering a 10% discount on these from June 30th - July 7th. New Product Staff Review

As mentioned above, there’s been lots of enthusiasm amongst our staff around the launch of this new product; so much so, that we even had a volunteer test out the new bandages to check out the durability and see how well they match her skin tone.

Meet Miss Rosie -’s Youngest Product Tester!

Rosie is the adorable 22 month old daughter of Director Didi Mukendi and HR Lead Yakira Mukendi - A forward thinking blended family that looks to celebrate their diversity and show their children that every skin colour is beautiful.

Yarkira notes “We are a family of four, with four different skin tones. It is incredible to be able to buy a product that matches the multiple skin tones of our racially diverse family. As a mother, it feels great to be able to see my daughter choose a bandage to match her own skin and from the same box, pick one for her father”.

More importantly, lets see what Miss Rosie has to say:

Rosie thinks the bandages are “super cool” and according to Mum, they, along with the bandage box are now Rosie’s new favourite toys.

Rosie also thinks Dad needs a bandage too - they blend so well that it's hard to tell where either Didi or Rosie are sporting their bandage. 

For more on the Heal In Colour brand, you can check out their website here

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